Please Read Very Carefully And Try To Understand Everything On This Page.

Thank You.

A lot of time and input preparation went into getting the bridging page to the finishing point you saw before signing up to join the business and the team.

Among many factors that need to be considered to make you successful at this business includes your personal attitude to work, determination, and your goals. These are yours.

One other factor I considered to be the most crucial to your success that underpins all that we do, is the training you will need that will lay down a clear and decisive path to follow in order to achieve your goals.

However, at the time the bridging pages were being finalised, unbeknown to me the course selected has been pulled off the market for a major site and content upgrade and as such no enrolment is currently possible until it is fully back online.

You can find the link here, and if you attempt to enrol your access will fail.

If you do a google search for The Six Figure Formula] you may find the new site is in progress and no registration is possible.

So that was the site for the training of which you might have read about earlier; and now you know.

Through this course, you would have been introduced to one of the most intelligently and well organised marketing content as well as targeted traffic sources.

And the full training you will need for orientation to implementation of a solid Internet marketing. And that is from knowing nothing, to how to fully learn, apply and to see results.

It’s rather unfortunate that the selected course has been pulled offline. There is not much I can do about someone’s decision. I have made a lot of efforts to reach out, but he will not reply to any of my messages, email or otherwise.

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